Ducal House


Lords & Ladies

đź‘‘House of Didonne : Guillaume II, Guillaume III, HĂ©lie, Geoffroy.

👑House of Coëtivy : Olivier (1458-1480), Charles-François (1480-1500), Louise (1500-1501).


👑House of La Trémoïlle : Charles (1501-1515), François (1515-1541), Georges III (1541-1584), Gilbert (1584-1592).

Marquis & Marquise

👑House of La Trémoïlle : Gilbert (1592-1603), Philippe (1603-1670), François II (1670-1690), Marie-Anne (1690-1707).


đź‘‘House of La TrĂ©moĂŻlle : Antoine-François (1707-1733), Augustin (1733-1745), Louis (1745-1789), Germain (1789-1853).

👑House of Royan : Germain (1789-1853), Germain II (1853-1866), Louis II (1866-1913), Arthur (1913-1946), André (1946-1983), Jean (1983-2015), Jérôme (2015-2021), Georges IV (since 2021).

Your questions

Who is the Duke of Royan ?

The princely family of La Trémoïlle has held the title of nobility since the year 1501, the date of the marriage of Louise de COËTIVY and Prince Charles de LA TRÉMOÏLLE. As of 2021, the current holder of the title is Prince Georges.

Who is the Duchess of Royan ?

Since 2021, the title of Duchess of Royan has been vacant, Prince Georges, current Duke of Royan, not being married. However, Princesses Eugenie and Anne are currently Dowager Duchesses.

How do you address a member of the ducal family ?

Custom and tradition dictate that to address a man, a member of the ducal family, you must either use Monsignor or Your Highness and for a woman, a member of the ducal family, Madam or Your Highness.

How to meet His Highness the Duke ?

You can request an appointment at the ducal office by filling out the contact form. The ducal teams will analyze the request and respond as soon as possible.