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The House of Royan, also known as "Haus vu Royan" in Luxembourgish, is a noble family that was founded in 1824 with the approval of King Louis XVIII of France and the support of William I of the Netherlands. It originates from the cadet branch of the La Trémoille family, an ancient noble French family.

The history of the House of Royan dates back to Prince Germain, Duke of Royan, who sought to establish his own house to find satisfaction, independence, and significance. With the approval of the French sovereign, he was able to create the House of Royan while retaining the privileges that had been promised to his family. This approval allowed him to be treated as an equal house to the royal and sovereign houses.

In 1895, the family was naturalized as Luxembourgish citizens by Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg, marking their integration into the country. However, some members of the house retained French nationality, which strengthened the ties between the ducal house and France.

The House of Royan has been recognized for its engagement in public affairs and its support of arts and culture. Its members have held various positions within the Luxembourgish state and have contributed to the country's development.

Throughout generations, the House of Royan has maintained its status as a respected noble family. It has preserved its traditions and heritage, passing down the values that have shaped its identity from generation to generation.

Today, the House of Royan continues to exist as a noble institution in Luxembourg. Its members are involved in various philanthropic and cultural activities, perpetuating the tradition of supporting arts and society.

The House of Royan embodies a unique blend of French and Luxembourgish heritage. Its history exemplifies the importance of independence, perseverance, and commitment to society. As a noble house, it continues to play an active role in the life of Luxembourg and preserve its historical heritage.

Former Dukes of Royan

HH Prince
10th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
9th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
8th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
7th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
Louis II
6th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
Germain II
5th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
4th Duke of Royan

HH Prince
3rd Duke of Royan

HH Prince
2nd Duke of Royan

HH Prince
1st Duke of Royan


Lords & Ladies

👑House of Didonne : Guillaume II, Guillaume III, Hélie, Geoffroy.

👑House of Coëtivy : Olivier (1458-1480), Charles-François (1480-1500), Louise (1500-1501).


👑House of La Trémoïlle : Charles (1501-1515), François (1515-1541), Georges III (1541-1584), Gilbert (1584-1592).

Marquis & Marquise

👑House of La Trémoïlle : Gilbert (1592-1603), Philippe (1603-1670), François II (1670-1690), Marie-Anne (1690-1707).


👑House of La Trémoïlle : Antoine-François (1707-1733), Augustin (1733-1745), Louis (1745-1789), Germain (1789-1853).

👑House of Royan : Germain (1789-1853), Germain II (1853-1866), Louis II (1866-1913), Arthur (1913-1946), André (1946-1983), Jean (1983-2015), Jérôme (2015-2021), Georges IV (since 2021).

Your questions

Who is the Duke of Royan ?

The princely family of La Trémoïlle has held the title of nobility since the year 1501, the date of the marriage of Louise de COËTIVY and Prince Charles de LA TRÉMOÏLLE. As of 2021, the current holder of the title is Prince Georges.

Who is the Duchess of Royan ?

Since 2021, the title of Duchess of Royan has been vacant, Prince Georges, current Duke of Royan, not being married. However, Princesses Eugenie and Anne are currently Dowager Duchesses.

How do you address a member of the ducal family ?

Custom and tradition dictate that to address a man, a member of the ducal family, you must either use Monsignor or Your Highness and for a woman, a member of the ducal family, Madam or Your Highness.

How to meet His Highness the Duke ?

You can request an appointment at the ducal office by filling out the contact form. The ducal teams will analyze the request and respond as soon as possible.