Prince Germain II

Duke of Royan from 1853 to 1866


His Highness Prince Germain was born on December 16, 1801, as the son of Prince Germain and Angélique de Bauffremont-Courtenay. His noble heritage and strong family ties granted him a privileged status within the House of La Trémoïlle (then de Royan) from birth.

The destiny of Prince Germain took a new turn on October 9, 1834, when he entered into matrimony with Louise-Caroline de Lezay-Marnésia (1812-1901). This marriage sealed the alliance between two noble families and heralded the birth of a promising lineage. From this union, two sons were born: Prince Louis II and Prince Jean (1838-1848).

During the first half of the 19th century, France experienced political and social upheavals. However, the stability of the Second Empire and the Franco-British rapprochement provided a sense of security and stability for the Duc de Royan's family. A decisive moment in their journey occurred after Queen Victoria's visit to Versailles in 1855. This prestigious event strengthened the family's confidence in France's future and prompted their decision to return to their homeland. Driven by a deep attachment to their country of origin, they chose to come back to France, ready to actively contribute to its development and prosperity.

Unfortunately, every human life inevitably comes to an end, and Prince Germain II de Royan passed away on January 1, 1866. His demise plunged his family into sadness, marking the end of an era and leaving a void within the nobility. However, his legacy endures, reminding all members of the Ducal House of the importance of preserving noble values and family traditions that have shaped their identity.