Prince Guillaume


His Highness Prince Guillaume Henri André Jean Rainier Marie was born on September 2, 1976, in Paris (France). He is the son of Prince Jean and Princess Anne, holding a distinguished position within the Ducal family.

After obtaining his baccalaureate, Prince Guillaume entered a military school. For 15 years, he served as an officer in the Grand Duke's army in Luxembourg, demonstrating dedication and professionalism. Following his military career, he chose to settle in Denmark.

Since 2013, Prince Guillaume has been married to Astrid Vestergaard, a Danish journalist, with whom he shares a strong and fulfilling union. Their marriage has been marked by love and mutual respect, and they have joyfully welcomed the birth of two children.

The princely couple has been blessed with the arrival of a son, Prince Luka, in 2022. Their family has further expanded with the birth of their daughter, Princess Lisbet, one year later. These precious children have brought a new dimension of happiness and pride to the lives of Prince Guillaume and Princess Astrid.

Since December 2022, Prince Guillaume has been entrusted with the responsibility of representing his nephew, Prince Georges, as an ambassador in Denmark. This ambassadorial role is a testament to the trust and recognition bestowed upon Prince Guillaume for his sense of duty, diplomacy, and commitment to promoting relations between the Danish Crown and the House of Royan.

Through his dedication to his family, exemplary military service, and ambassadorial role, Prince Guillaume embodies the noble values and traditions that have contributed to the greatness of the Ducal House. His commitment to his family, his country, and diplomacy reflects his profound dedication to the prosperity and prominence of the duchy.