Prince Jean

Duke of Royan from 1983 to 2015


His Highness Prince Jean André Arthur Rainier Marie was born on November 4, 1947, in Gassin, France. As the fourth child of Their Highnesses Prince André and Princess Delphine du Bois, his birth was celebrated with joy by the House of Royan.

From a young age, Jean displayed a strong interest in history, nurtured by the family environment that provided him with a collection of historical archives from over 25 different European countries, spanning from the 15th to the 20th century. This valuable collection remains in the possession of the Ducal family, a testament to Jean's passion for the past and his desire to preserve collective memory.

After completing his military service in 1968, Prince Jean pursued studies in international relations, aiming to develop his diplomatic skills and expertise in international affairs. His global vision and commitment to promoting peace and cooperation between nations were driving forces in his career choices and subsequent engagements.

Two years later, on July 4, Prince Jean celebrated his marriage to Princess Anne, sealing a union that would be blessed with the birth of three children: Prince Jérôme, the future Duke of Royan, Princess Philippine, and Prince Guillaume. These children brought joy and pride to the Ducal couple and were raised with a deep respect for family traditions and noble values that characterize the House of Royan.

In 1983, upon the death of his father, Prince Jean became the 9th Duke of Royan, assuming the responsibility of leading the dynastic lineage with wisdom and devotion. As Duke of Royan, he embodied the ideals of nobility, dedicating his energy to the preservation of the French language and the promotion of French culture worldwide. His steadfast belief in the power of language and culture was a guiding principle throughout his tenure, strengthening ties among French-speaking countries and preserving their shared heritage.

The life of Prince Jean was tragically cut short on February 14, 2015, in Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), leaving behind deep sadness and a legacy of commitment to his family. His passing was felt not only within the House of Royan but also by all those who had the privilege of knowing him and benefiting from his kindness, intelligence, and generosity.

Prince Jean will forever be remembered as a respected and beloved Duke, whose life and actions contributed to the greatness of the Ducal House. His legacy will endure, reminding each of us of the value of perseverance, dedication, and love for culture and history.