Best wishes for 2022


❝ The year that is coming to an end will not be a positive year for many. She saw some of our relatives leave, saw the natural elements unleashed, saw the health crisis continue and in some cases social violence increase. We can say that 2021 will certainly not have been the year of all the successes.

But faced with this negative outcome, we have to put things into perspective and tell ourselves that in 2022 everything can become possible again. A year that is opening is an additional hope in our life and in our heart. Even if our living conditions are not the same, every human being, wherever he comes from, must keep hope for others but also for himself. Hope to act for a better world, where cohesion would be the watchword of this new year. Act together for the planet and in favor of ecology. Fight together against all forms of discrimination that divide and weaken us. Work for our common interests and concerns at all levels, whether local, regional, national or international. Preserve our heritage, the inestimable heritage of our ancestors, who are the treasures of our nations.

What if together we made 2022, the year of all possibilities. The year of hope but also of action. It is with this momentum that we must enter this new era. On the occasion of this last day of 2021, allow me to express my best wishes for the new year. ❞


Duke of Royan