The ducal family considers international relations an essential priority to promote dialogue, cultural exchange and cooperation between nations. Through its diplomatic ambassadors, the ducal family works to strengthen bonds of friendship and foster mutual understanding between different cultures and communities.


Our ambassadors in Africa are people passionate about promoting cooperation between the Duke of Royan and African countries. They work hand in hand with governments and local stakeholders to strengthen political, economic and cultural ties. Their goal is to foster mutually beneficial relationships and find solutions to the challenges our societies face.

H.E. Mr. Raheem ATTOUMANE, ambassador to the Union of the Comoros. (nom. 10/2021)

Mr. Raheem ATTOUMANE was born on November 1, 1993 in Rennes (France) is a French and Comorian entrepreneur and diplomat.

Raheem Attoumane was born in Rennes and grew up in Provence. At the age of 17, he left Marseille to continue his studies in Paris. In 2014, he obtained a diploma in the banking and insurance sector.

After working in several companies linked to his training sector, which allowed him to accumulate skills and experience, Raheem decided to return to Marseille to launch into entrepreneurship. In 2019, after a 3-year incubation within Positive Planet, he founded the service "Les MajordHome" and the "Agence Des MajordHome", which are respectively a private concierge service via Whatsapp, and a service agency bringing together entities such as Le Groupe La Poste, Moneygram based in the 13th arrondissement, his childhood district located in the Northern Districts of Marseille.

A few months later, he won the first 2019 edition of the national Entrepreneur Challenge competition in partnership with the UNFP and its Positive Football movement, in which ten young entrepreneurs, each supported by a professional footballer, put forward their project. Raheem Attoumane is accompanied by Maxime Lopez from Olympique de Marseille (OM).

In 2019 after his first visit to the Comoros, they brought together these different companies within the "MajordHome Group Company" group, and relocated the parent company from Marseille (France) to Moroni (Comoros). He continued his service activities there, and began consulting for businesses and governments as well as logistics and transport in the Comoros. In October 2020, he was appointed Expert Consultant within the INGO.

In November 2020, Raheem Attoumane led a delegation from the Chinese holding company C.H.I.C.O, which offers several inclusive solutions, from financing to the implementation of the extension and rehabilitation of Moroni Airport, which is part of the "Lighthouse Projects » of the "Emerging Comoros Plan", initiated by the Head of State of the Union of the Comoros.

In April 2021, upon the decision of an Extraordinary General Assembly (AGE), the INGO became independent under the African Agency for International Economic Cooperation (ACEI) and appointed Raheem Attoumane as Director General. In August 2021, he signed a headquarters agreement between ACEI and the Government of the Union of the Comoros for the establishment of a representation of ACEI in the Union of the Comoros of which Raheem Attoumane is appointed Resident Representative.

In October 2021, Raheem Attoumane led the KPDC delegation to finance the rehabilitation, modernization and extension of the port of Moroni in accordance with the "Lighthouse Projects" of the "Emerging Comoros Plan". Since this same period he has also been ambassador of the Duke of Royan to the Union of the Comoros.

H.E. Mr. Ekramy EL ZAGHAT, ambassador to Egypt & High Representative to Africa and the Middle East. (nom. 01/2024)


H.E. Mr. Edet EKPENYONG, ambassador to Nigeria. (nom. 01/2022)


North America

Our ambassadors in North America are experienced diplomats who work with determination to strengthen relations between the Duke of Royan and the countries of this region. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of North American realities and their extensive network of contacts, they facilitate trade, promote investments and foster collaboration in key areas such as innovation, sustainable energy and health.

H.E. Mr. Brandon RUSSELL, ambassador to Canada. (nom. 08/2022)

Mr. Brandon RUSSELL, the Duke of Royan's ambassador to Canada, stationed in Ottawa, is originally from the remarkable west coast of Canada. He carries an illustrious legacy of leadership in political strategy and public service and now serves as a worthy bridge between the ducal organization and Canada.

Russell's career was rooted in political strategy, marked by his skillful management of more than 50 high-profile political campaigns in Canada and the United States. As principal of Russell & Team Inc., his strategic advice and public relations skills contributed significantly to the visibility and success of various political candidates.

His commitment to youth development and international diplomacy was further demonstrated during his tenure as Executive Director of the Model United Nations Quarantine. He organized large-scale conferences attended by thousands of young minds from more than 100 countries, fostering an understanding of diplomacy and global cooperation among the world's future leaders.

A former candidate for Ottawa city council, Russell has been intimately involved in local governance. His comprehensive campaign plan and active engagement with voters underscore his commitment to community service and policy development.

Russell's achievements extend beyond politics and diplomacy. He is also co-founder of a global youth organization with members from various countries, reflecting his dedication to creating platforms for cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. He organized and participated in youth circles, initiatives aimed at engaging young people in meaningful dialogue and mutual learning.

Known as an inspiring speaker, Russell has shared his ideas at several conferences and seminars. His work and expertise have been recognized and featured in various reputable publications, contributing to his reputation as a leader in the political and diplomatic sphere.

Since his appointment as the Duke of Royan's ambassador to Canada, Russell's career has come full circle. He continues his dedication to public service, his commitment to strengthening relations between nations, and his tireless work to promote global peace, cooperation and understanding. His mandate was characterized by fruitful diplomatic engagements, strengthening ties between ducal institutions and Canada.

Carrying the trust and responsibilities of his position, Russell is a devoted servant to both his home country of Canada and the Ducal Office. He strives to honor the high expectations of his role and is committed to fostering stronger, more beneficial relationships that he proudly represents.

H.E. Mr. Allen ELLISON, ambassador to the United States of America. (nom. 07/2023)


H.E. Mr. Rodney LOUIS, ambassador to Haiti. (nom. 07/2023)


H.E. Mr. Alonso DE LLANES, ambassador to Mexico. (nom. 01/2021)


H.E. Mr. Eddy DE GRACIA, ambassador to the Dominican Republic. (nom. 01/2022)


South America

Our ambassadors to South America are dedicated representatives of the Duke of Royan, working closely with South American countries to strengthen bilateral ties. Their expertise and commitment to dialogue and cooperation make them essential for promoting common interests and finding mutually beneficial solutions in areas such as trade, culture and the environment.

H.E. Mr. Fernando EID, ambassador to Bolivia. (nom. 09/2020)


H.E. Mr. João MOREIRA y SILVA, ambassador to Brazil. (nom. 01/2023)


H.E. Mr. Julio César MANCERA-ACOSTA, ambassador to Colombia. (nom. 01/2022)


H.E. Mr. Hasler IGLESIAS, ambassador to Venezuela. (nom. 10/2021)



Our ambassadors in Asia are liaison agents between the Duke of Royan and Asian countries. They play a key role in the development of political, economic and cultural relations between nations. Their in-depth knowledge of regional dynamics and their ability to foster cooperation are essential to address common challenges and create opportunities for growth and development.

H.E. Mr. Vahram MURADYAN, ambassador to Armenia. (nom. 10/2020)


H.E. Mr. Asutosh PATTANAYAK, ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. (nom. 07/2022)

Mr. Asutosh PATTANAYAK is a former IIMSAM United Nations Youth Goodwill Ambassador and Youth Ambassador, Advisor to the Prime Minister of State for the African Diaspora. Originally from India, he was recently awarded the Honorary Sheikh Zayed Peace Prize (one of the UAE's highest civilian honors) by His Royal Highness Sheikh Obaid Al Maktoum (Dubai Ruling Family) and His Excellency Rashid Al Leem (Chairman of Sharjah Water and Electricity Authority) at the 4th Sheikh Zayed Conference on Peace and Tolerance in Dubai as well as Young Leader of the Year 2020 by Middle East Youth Expo and Abu Dhabi Government. He successfully represented the Intergovernmental Organization at the Global Green Economy Summit, Raisina Dialogue and many others. He also successfully organized bilateral diplomatic meetings with personalities such as the President of Afghanistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa. He is also a co-founder of United Youth Circuit, a youth organization that currently has members from over 70 different countries. He has also participated in various youth circles and also organized one which is an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Youth. Apart from this, he is an internationally renowned inspirational speaker and has successfully spoken in various types of youth conferences, SAM Global Conference and BIL Conference in more than 15 different countries. He was recently featured by Voyage Magazine based in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas for his work towards the United Nations and the global economy. He was even Secretary General of the prestigious Arab Youth International MUN Dubai and also Secretary General of the World Youth Summit in Dubai. He is also a very well known face in Pan Asian print media and has been featured in Times of India, Economic Times, Business Standard and Orrisa Post to name a few, apart from this he has been invited to many talk shows in India like Times. Now OTV to name a few. Since July 2022, he has been Ambassador of His Highness the Duke of Royan to the United Arab Emirates.

H.E. Mr. Parth RAMAN, ambassador to India. (nom. 01/2023)

Mr. Parth RAMAN.

Former ambassadors:

  • Mr. Nabhit KAPUR (2021-2022) ;
  • Mr. Tapas PATTANAYAK (2022-2023).

H.E. Mr. Mostafa SOLGI, ambassador to Iran. (nom. 08/2021)


H.E. Mr. Wissam MEHYOU, ambassador to Lebanon. (nom. 08/2021)


H.E. Mr. Santosh GHIMIRE, ambassador to Nepal. (nom. 01/2022)



Our ambassadors to Europe are highly qualified diplomats who work to strengthen ties between the Duke of Royan and European countries. They promote cooperation in areas such as the economy, research, education and culture, thereby contributing to European integration and strengthening mutually beneficial relations between nations.

H.E. Mr. Charles WILLEMS, ambassador to Belgium. (nom. 08/2020)


H.E. Mr. Guillaume de ROYAN, ambassador to Denmark. (nom. 12/2022)

Mr. Guillaume de ROYAN was born on September 2, 1976 in Paris (France). After his baccalaureate, the Prince entered military school. He served for 15 years in the engineer regiment before retiring from military life and moving to Copenhagen (Denmark). Since December 2022, he has been responsible for representing his nephew, Prince George, in Denmark as ambassador.

H.E. Mr. Daniel DEL VALLE, ambassador to Spain. (nom. 07/2020)

Mr. Daniel DEL VALLE BLANCO is currently the United Nations Youth Policy Advisor. These functions are currently carried out in a technical capacity as Advisor to the Ambassador at the Permanent Observer Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations, in New York. Daniel is based in Madrid, Spain. His main professional interests include diplomacy, international relations, law, human rights and economics. Additionally, he loves music and is an accomplished singer, former soloist of the Escolania boys' choir of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial, the royal choir of Spain.

Mr. del Valle is the Official High Representative for Youth of the International Human Rights Foundation, where he also brings his recent and ongoing experience as Policy Advisor to the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic at the United Nations in New York. In this capacity, he mainly focused on youth policies, Latin America and Africa. As a tireless youth representative and change maker, he has distinguished himself through his creativity, dedication, energetic advocacy and awareness of the importance of youth empowerment in today's world, particularly in developing countries and in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Daniel has worked passionately to support the implementation of the United Nations Youth Strategy 2030 launched by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in September 2018 and the work of the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy for the youth. With his humanist values, he provided the said diplomatic missions with valuable assistance in areas such as humanitarian aid, human rights, education, peacebuilding, public and cultural diplomacy and the media. social. He has also worked directly with a number of Latin American and African diplomatic missions both in New York and Europe (e.g. Haiti and Lesotho) to ensure direct youth participation in decision-making processes and involve young people in achieving the desired changes in their country and societies ("ambassadors of change"). He is committed to serving people selflessly, especially the young and the most vulnerable in the context of leaving no one behind. This is closely linked to its determination to strengthen the involvement of cities and local authorities in the work of the UN (SDG 11 on sustainable cities).

Daniel's other commitments include serving as Secretary General of the International University Circle of Spain (CIU), Ambassador of the Organization of American States (OAS) "We are All Migrants" campaign for Spain, within the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), as well as coordinator of the "Medicine for Venezuela" initiative in Spain. He led the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) "Faith for the Earth" campaign in Spain and worked closely with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) on their "For Worship" campaign. on ". He is also a member of the advisory boards of the Yuva Bhagidari Foundation in India (promoting youth engagement in innovation, sustainability, democracy and good governance) and the Peaceful Mind Foundation (a global organization, registered with UN, focused on mental health for all), as well as Honorary Advisor for Youth Leadership to the NGO Committee for Sustainable Development - New York. Additionally, he has advised private companies in various sectors on security, international events and political analysis.

Daniel has taken economics courses at the University of Münster in Germany, has the title of expert in the international legal regime of climate change, by the Financial Initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP FI), and is currently completing a law degree, with a concentration in international law, at the Royal University Center El Escorial - María Cristina associated with the Complutense University of Madrid, one of the oldest universities in Europe. He has been ambassador of His Highness the Duke of Royan since July 2020.

H.E. Mr. Amarendra BHUSHAN DHIRAJ, ambassador to Greece. (nom. 01/2022)

Professor Amarendra BHUSHAN DHIRAJ is Managing Director and Editorial Director of The CEOWORLD Magazine, overseeing the news and features departments of the organization. Under the leadership of Dr. Amarendra, CEOWORLD Magazine has become the most iconic news organization in the world. world, whose rigorous reporting and unparalleled storytelling reach millions of business leaders every day. Dr. Amarendra holds a Ph.D. in finance and banking from the European Global School in France; a doctorate in accounting from the European International University of Paris; and a doctorate in business administration from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD), Ukraine. He received his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and his Master's degree in Chartered Accounting (CA) from the European Global School Paris. Dr. Amarendra also holds a Master of Business Administration in International Relations and Affairs from the American University in Athens, Alabama, USA. Professor Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj is a macroeconomist and visiting professor at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD), Ukraine. Since January 2022, he has been the ambassador of the Duke of Royan in Greece.

H.E. Mr. Renzo COSME, ambassador to Italy and the Vatican. (nom. 09/2020)


H.E. Mrs. Vera VON MONIKA, ambassador to Portugal. (nom. 10/2021)