Princess Anne

Dowager Duchess of Royan since 2015 / Duchess of Royan from 1983 to 2015


Her Highness Princess Anne Marie Émilienne Beauvoir-de Pourquery de La Bigotée de La Roche was born on June 28, 1947, in Boulogne (France). She is the daughter of Henri Beauvoir (1915-2000) and Marie de Pourquery de La Bigotée de La Roche (1908-1991). Anne grew up in Orléans, in the Loiret region, where she enjoyed a loving and nurturing family environment that fostered her personal growth.

On July 4, 1970, Princess Anne joined her life with that of Prince Jean, who was the hereditary Duke at the time. Their marriage symbolized the union of two prominent noble families, thus sealing a prestigious alliance.

From their union, three children were born, bringing joy and happiness to their household. Their eldest son, Prince Jérôme, born in 1972, assumed the title of the 10th Duke of Royan until his passing in 2021, leaving behind a precious historical and cultural legacy. Their daughter, Princess Philippine, was born in 1974, and their younger son, Prince Guillaume, was born in 1976.

Princess Anne, through her elegance and commitment to her family, has played a crucial role in preserving family traditions and in the upbringing of her children. Her unwavering support for her husband, Prince Jean, has helped strengthen family bonds and ensure the stability and unity of the House of Royan.

As a devoted mother, Princess Anne has ensured that her children receive a meticulous education, preparing them to assume the responsibilities that lie ahead. Her dedication to her family and active participation in official events and special celebrations demonstrate her profound commitment to the prominence and preservation of the House of Royan.

Princess Anne is a respected figure within the nobility, embodying the noble values and traditions that have contributed to the greatness of her family. Her benevolent presence and unwavering dedication to her role as a mother and partner serve as an inspiring example for future generations.

Her legacy as a distinguished member of the noble family will forever be engraved in the history of the House of Royan, bearing witness to her indelible role in ensuring the continuity of the noble lineage. Her contributions to her family and society are a testament to her commitment to noble values, education, and the well-being of all.

She is currently the grandmother of the current Duke of Royan, Prince Georges.