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On this day of September 2, 2023, the House of Royan is delighted to celebrate the 47th birthday of the distinguished Prince Guillaume de Royan, uncle of Prince Georges, Duke of Royan. This occasion holds particular significance for the Royan family, who have embodied heritage and tradition for generations.

For those who have registered, we are honored to invite you to an exceptional event which will be held eight days from today. Prepare for an interesting experience as we prepare to open the doors of the Ducal Archives, a treasure trove of history and culture.

The Ducal House is sad to announce the call to God of Her Highness Princess Marie-Sophie de Royan, born on 1ST April 1923 in Luxembourg, who died peacefully on 29TH July 29 2023 in Genoa. Her soul, guided by the benevolent hand of the Almighty, left this world to join the eternal kingdom.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for your kind wishes on the occasion of Princess Philippine's birthday. Your thoughtful gesture was greatly appreciated by His Highness and the entire ducal family.
Your words have brought added joy to this special day, and we are honored to have your support.