Princess Eugénie

Dowager Duchess of Royan since 2021 / Duchess of Royan from 2015 to 2021


Her Highness Princess Eugenie Charlotte Elizabeth was born on March 28, 1973, in Birmingham (United Kingdom). She is the daughter of Harry Brown (1944-2002), a former banker, and Elizabeth Vinogradoff (1949), a former accountant for a major British company. Elizabeth's family has French origins, which bestows upon Princess Eugénie a rich cultural diversity.

Princess Eugenie spent her childhood between London and the south of England, where she grew up in a loving and educational family environment. From a young age, she displayed a remarkable talent for music, starting to play the piano at the age of five. Her love for music has always been a source of inspiration and fulfillment for her.

In order to pursue her studies abroad and broaden her horizons, Eugenie left the United Kingdom and briefly settled in Luxembourg before moving to France. It was during her stay in France in 1994 that she met Prince Jérôme, the then Hereditary Duke of Royan. A deep connection was forged between them, and a year later, the couple joined together in the sacred bonds of marriage in Paris. From their union, two children were born: Prince Georges, born in 2001, who is the current Duke of Royan, and Prince Jean, born in 2005, who holds an important place within the family.

Princess Eugenie, with her natural charm, elegance, and commitment to her family and society, embodies the noble values and traditions of the House of Royan. Her role as a caring mother and partner to her husband, Prince Jérôme, has allowed her to play an essential role in the continuity of the noble lineage of the House of Royan.

As an influential member of the ducal family, Princess Eugenie has always been present alongside her husband at official events and special occasions. Her passion for music, her involvement in philanthropic causes, and her support for the arts and culture have also contributed to the flourishing of the ducal community and the radiance of the House of Royan.

As the Dowager Duchess of Royan, Princess Eugenie plays a fundamental role in preserving family traditions and transmitting the values that have contributed to the greatness of the House of Royan throughout the centuries. Her benevolent presence and dedication to her role are a testament to her commitment to her family.