Prince Jean

Heir duke of Royan & Count of Olonne since 2021


His Highness Prince Jean Antoine Philippe Rainier Marie was born on April 18, 2005, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France). He is the second child of Their Highnesses Prince Jérôme and Princess Eugenie, and the younger brother of the distinguished current Duke, Prince Georges.

From a young age, Prince Jean developed a strong interest in practicing judo and tennis, two sports that he particularly enjoys. Through his determination, discipline, and love for self-improvement, he has excelled in these fields, demonstrating promising talent and undeniable passion.

In 2021, following the untimely passing of his father, Prince Jérôme, a new responsibility fell upon the shoulders of the young prince. As the younger brother of the current title holder, he became the presumptive heir to the title of Duke of Royan, as his elder brother has not yet produced direct offspring. This position as the heir confers upon him a privileged status within the ducal family, and he is entrusted with the mission of perpetuating the traditions and values of his noble lineage.

Prince Jean embodies the promising future of his family, with his sporting abilities, academic dedication, and exemplary character. His position as the presumptive heir is crucial in ensuring the continuity of the Ducal House, where he will be called upon to assume increasing responsibilities and safeguard the perpetuity of the family heritage.

He completed his baccalaureate at the Lycée international de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and obtained it in 2023. This period allowed him to benefit from a stimulating academic environment conducive to his personal and intellectual development.

Prince Jean is currently continuing his studies at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington, United States, where he studies international relations.

With a solid education and noble values, Prince Jean is destined to continue his personal growth and become a worthy representative of his family. His journey, characterized by his dedication, respect for traditions, and pursuit of excellence, is a testament to a radiant future where he will continue to honor the values of nobility and contribute to the well-being of his family and society.