Press Releases

The official press releases published here will give you a direct overview of the actions undertaken by the Duke of Royan, whether it concerns ducal family news, humanitarian projects, diplomatic meetings, peace initiatives, or international partnerships. We invite you to regularly consult this page in order to stay informed of the latest news and official announcements from the Duke of Royan.

Appointment - 30.07.2023

The Ducal Office is honored to announce today the appointments of Mr. Jake LANDAU as the new Political Director in Ottawa and Mrs. Kimberley WARREN as the new Cultural Attaché to the Ducal Diplomatic Representation in Canada. These strategic decisions reflect the Duc de Royan's ongoing commitment to strengthening diplomatic and cultural relations between our organization and Canada.

Mr. Jake LANDAU, holder of an exemplary career in international political affairs, will bring his eminent expertise as Political Director within our diplomatic representation. His impressive career and keen sense of international issues will be invaluable assets for strengthening bilateral ties and promoting common interests between the ducal institution and Canada. Under the aegis of Ambassador Brandon RUSSELL, he will actively contribute to the development and implementation of informed policies, with a view to fruitful cooperation.

Likewise, we are delighted to welcome Ms. Kimberley WARREN to our Diplomatic Representation as Cultural Attaché. Ms. WARREN has extensive experience in cultural and artistic promotion, as well as an unwavering passion for intercultural exchange. His unwavering commitment to promoting the richness of our cultural heritage and fostering intercultural dialogue will be an essential catalyst in strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding between the Ducal Office and Canada.

The ducal organization sends its warm congratulations to Mr. Jake LANDAU and Mrs. Kimberley WARREN for their well-deserved appointments. We have the greatest confidence in their ability to worthily represent the Duke and promote our common interests within the beautiful Canadian nation.

Appointment - 28.07.2023

The Ducal Office has the honor to announce the eminent appointment of Mrs. Morgan ROSENBERG as Deputy Director of Mission to the Ducal Diplomatic Representation in Canada. She will act alongside Ambassador Brandon RUSSELL, representative of the Duke of Royan in Canada.

His Excellency Brandon RUSSELL, who has already served brilliantly as Ambassador to the Duke of Royan, enthusiastically welcomes Mrs. Morgan ROSENBERG. He is convinced that their diplomatic partnership will further strengthen relations between Canada and the ducal organization, thus promoting mutually beneficial collaboration in various areas of common interest.

This appointment is eloquent testimony to Duke of Royan's desire to continue to be actively involved in the diplomatic scene and to strengthen his ties of friendship and cooperation with Canada. The Ducal Office is delighted with the expertise and vision of Ms. Morgan ROSENBERG who will bring a new dynamic to the mission in Canada.

The Ducal Office reaffirms its firm commitment to responsible, constructive and open diplomacy, thus contributing to the development of a more stable, peaceful and prosperous world.

Appointment - 24.07.2023

The Duke of Royan appoints His Excellency Mr. Allen Ellison as diplomatic representative to the United States.

In an important step to strengthen international relations and foster bilateral cooperation, His Highness the Duke of Royan has appointed His Excellency Mr. Allen Ellison as the official diplomatic representative to the United States. This prestigious appointment testifies to Mr. Ellison's exceptional diplomatic acumen and his unwavering commitment to promoting peace and prosperity.

His Excellency Mr. Allen Ellison brings a wealth of experience to this revealed role, having demonstrated his leadership skills and diplomatic prowess in various capacities over the years. He has always demonstrated a deep understanding of global affairs, strategic thinking and a dedication to building bridges between nations.As the diplomatic representative of the Duke of Royan and the ducal office in the United States, Mr. Ellison will be entrusted with the responsibility of fostering a strong and productive relationship between the ducal organization and the United States of America. Its main objectives include promoting trade and investment, facilitating cultural exchanges and strengthening cooperation in areas of common interest such as education, technology and sustainable development.

The Duke of Royan expressed his utmost confidence in Mr. Ellison's abilities and his conviction that this appointment contributed significantly to further strengthening the fraternal bond between the ducal institution and the United States. This strategic move underscores the Duke's commitment to engaging with the global community and fostering harmonious relations with nations around the world.

Mr. Ellison's appointment also reflects the Duke of Royan's recognition of the United States as a key partner in addressing global challenges and achieving common goals. By appointing a highly competent and respected representative, the Duke seeks to deepen diplomatic relations, promote dialogue and collaborate on pressing international issues.

The new diplomatic representative, His Excellency Mr Allen Ellison, expressed his deep honor and gratitude for the Duke's trust and the opportunity to serve in this critical role. He pledged to work diligently to advance the mutual interests of both parties.

The official start of His Excellency Mr. Allen Ellison's diplomatic duties will take place shortly as he prepares to engage with US officials, business leaders and the wider American community. The Duke of Royan and the ducal office look forward to a fruitful and lasting collaboration with Mr. Ellison.

Appointment - 20.07.2023

The Ducal Office is pleased to formalize the appointment of Mr. Rodney LOUIS as Ambassador of His Highness the Duke of Royan in Haiti. This appointment thus demonstrates Prince George's commitment to enhanced diplomatic cooperation and a solid partnership.

His Highness places his trust in Mr. LOUIS, convinced that his skills and dedication will contribute to promoting the common values of friendship, respect and shared progress.

He will strive to facilitate trade and promote mutually beneficial projects, thereby promoting prosperity between the ducal organization and Haiti.

Appointment - 17.07.2023

The Ducal Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Steven WARREN as Executive Assistant, to H.E. Mr. Brandon RUSSELL, Ambassador of the Duke of Royan to Canada.

This appointment bears witness to the confidence placed by Prince George in Mr. Warren, in recognition of his remarkable skills and his exceptional contribution in the diplomatic field. His varied professional experience and unwavering commitment to excellence are invaluable assets to the ducal diplomatic mission in Canada.

As Executive Assistant to Ambassador RUSSELL, Mr. WARREN will be responsible for managing essential administrative tasks, thus effectively supporting the Ambassador's diplomatic activities. His responsibilities will include coordinating appointments and meetings, preparing official documents and assisting in various other tasks necessary for the smooth running of diplomatic affairs.

The Duke of Royan sends his warmest congratulations to Mr. Warren on his appointment and wishes him the best in his new duties. The Ducal Office is convinced that its exemplary professionalism and dedication will help strengthen the ties between the Ducal diplomatic mission and Canada.

Informations - 10.07.2023

The Ducal Office will be exceptionally closed from July 17 to 21, 2023 for renovation works aimed at improving infrastructure and services.

The work will include necessary renovations, such as upgrading electrical systems, repairing equipment and improving accessibility for those invited to interviews with the Duc de Royan.

During this closing period, all requests, questions or requests must be sent to the administrative services by electronic means. Arrangements have been made to ensure that all urgent matters will be handled appropriately.

The Ducal Office will reopen its doors on July 24, 2023.