The Duke's Cabinet plays a central role in the management of ducal affairs. Made up of experienced professionals, it coordinates the activities and projects of Prince Georges. The Firm works closely with advisors and experts to ensure informed and effective decision-making.

  • Mr. Étienne de BÉJARRY, director of the ducal office. (nom. 04/2024)
  • Position is VACANT, director of cabinet. (nom. 04/2024)
  • Mr. Karim KATEB, chief secretary. (nom. 08/2022)
  • Mr. Henri LEBLANC, assistant secretary. (nom. 03/2015)
  • Mr. Maxim KONING, private secretary. (nom. 03/2015)


In the field of economy, our advisors aim to promote economic growth, stimulate innovation, and create employment opportunities to foster prosperity and sustainable development.

Regarding culture, our advisors are committed to preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage, supporting local artists and talents, and encouraging access to culture for all members of society.

In the realm of the environment, our advisors actively work to protect our planet, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation and resource preservation.

In terms of diplomatic relations, our advisors strive to strengthen ties with other nations, promote dialogue and international cooperation, and contribute to building a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Lastly, our policy advisors provide informed recommendations, advise the Duke on political matters, and work to formulate fair and equitable policies that address the needs of society and promote the well-being of all.

Together, the advisors of the Duke of Royan work with determination and passion to achieve these objectives, bringing their skills and expertise in their respective domains to support the Duke's vision and actions for progress and the well-being of all.

  • Mrs. Marie-Laure AZAÏS, policy advisor. (nom. 09/2014)
  • Mr. Philippe DUFRAY, economics advisor. (nom. 02/2011)
  • Mr. Julien DELAGNY, cultural affairs advisor. (nom. 10/2023)
  • Mrs. Emma MARTIN, digital consultant. (nom. 01/2020)
  • Mr. Nabhit KAPUR, foreign diplomacy advisor. (nom. 01/2022)
  • Mr. Dinesh SABNIS, adviser in international relations and diplomacy. (nom. 06/2023)


The main objective is to create transparent, effective, and engaging communication to inform the public about the initiatives, projects, and values of the Duke of Royan.

The communication team works closely with His Highness and his entourage to develop tailored communication strategies, utilizing various channels such as traditional media, social networks, the official website, and other digital platforms. We strive to maintain an active and positive media presence, ensuring that the messages of the Duke of Royan are clear, consistent, and reflective of his core principles.

This department is also responsible for creating engaging, informative, and inspiring content. By producing articles, press releases, videos, and other communication materials, we aim to highlight the achievements of Prince Georges, his philanthropic initiatives, his commitment to society, and his actions for the well-being of all.

  • Position is VACANT, responsible for the communication. (nom. 04/2024)
  • Mr. Melvyn SAINTIER, ducal spokesperson. (nom. 12/2022)
  • Mr. Emile MOTIER, communication assistant. (nom. 12/2017)
  • Mr. Grégory WEBER, community manager. (nom. 06/2023)
  • Mrs. Alizé THILL, community manager. (nom. 06/2023)
  • Mrs. Marion DELAGE, web editor. (nom. 11/2021)

Security department

The main missions consist of ensuring the personal security of the Duke of Royan and his family during their travels, public engagements, and official events. The security department works closely with local authorities and security services to coordinate and implement appropriate protection measures.

This service conducts regular security assessments to identify potential risks and develop tailored security strategies. The team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals trained in close protection techniques, crowd management, and threat prevention.

In addition to the personal security of His Highness, the security service is also responsible for the safety of the ducal residences, offices, and places of stay for Prince Georges IV and his family. Security officers implement advanced surveillance systems, strict access control protocols, and intrusion prevention measures.

Finally, our security team is tasked with overseeing the safety of events organized by the Duke of Royan, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken to ensure the security of participants and the smooth conduct of activities.

Trust, discretion, and professionalism are the fundamental values of the ducal security team.

  • Colonel S. INFANTI, ducal security officer. (nom. 02/2020) - Contact :
  • Commanding officer J. HENRIOT, deputy ducal security. (nom. 12/2021)