Biography of H.H. the Duke

Prince Georges IV

Duke of Royan since 2021


Prince Georges Charles Louis Rainier Marie was born on December 3, 2001 in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France). He is the first child of Their Highnesses Prince Jérôme and Princess Eugenie.

Since his childhood, Prince Georges has been passionate about many sports including tennis and football, but also for the cultural field such as cinema and music.

He studied at the Lycée international de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where he obtained his baccalaureate. The Prince chose after his diploma to study social sciences with a specialty in history.

In 2021 following the death of his father, Prince Georges becomes the 11th Duke of Royan. In addition to his activities as a young duke, the Prince still decides to continue his studies.

In January 2022, the Prince founded the International Ducal Investment Company (I.D.I.C.), responsible for helping humanitarian associations.

Ancestry of Prince Georges