Prince Georges IV

Duke of Royan since 2021


His Highness Prince Georges Charles Louis Rainier Marie, born on December 3, 2001, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France), is the eldest son of Their Highnesses Prince Jérôme and Princess Eugénie, carrying the noble responsibility of perpetuating his family's lineage. His younger brother, the current hereditary Duke, is Prince Jean.

From his early childhood, Prince Georges developed a fervent passion for a wide range of sports, including tennis and football, demonstrating an innate competitive spirit. However, his insatiable curiosity extended beyond the playing fields. His soul, enamored with art and culture, found an endless source of fulfillment in the dimly lit theaters of cinema and the enchanting melodies of music.

After successfully completing his studies at the prestigious International High School of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the Prince embarked on a new stage in his educational journey. Driven by an ardent desire for understanding and discovery, he decided to devote himself to the social sciences, choosing to continue his studies in the vibrant capital of Paris. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge compelled him to delve deep into these fields, always with the aim of enriching his worldview and expanding his intellectual horizons.

In 2021, due to his father's health issues, Prince Georges was called upon to temporarily assume the responsibilities associated with that position. However, this period was tragically marked by the premature passing of Prince Jérôme, thereby bestowing upon Prince Georges the title of the 11th Duke of Royan, in addition to his existing prerogatives.

Driven by unwavering determination and a profound desire to make a positive impact on the world, in January 2022, the Prince founded the International Ducal Investment Company (I.D.I.C.). This enterprise was established with the aim of providing support to both businesses and humanitarian associations, thus working towards balanced and responsible development. Concurrently with this entrepreneurial initiative, Prince Georges received a significant distinction by being appointed as Special Envoy for Youth of the World Development and Planning Fund, an organization affiliated with the United Nations. This appointment reflects his unwavering commitment to promoting the interests of young people and actively contributing to their well-being within a framework of sustainable and equitable development.

His Highness Prince Georges embodies an exemplary commitment to his family, his country, and society as a whole. His journey, marked by a voracious passion for sports, art, and culture, as well as an unceasing quest for knowledge and progress, portends a promising future where his positive influence will continue to be felt through philanthropic endeavors and his dedication to collective well-being.