Prince Jérôme

Duke of Royan from 2015 to 2021


His Highness Prince Jérôme Jean Louis Rainier Marie Charles was born on January 2, 1972, in Monaco (Principality of Monaco). As the first child of Their Highnesses Prince Jean and Princess Anne.

The Prince spent his childhood between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where he received a quality education at the prestigious International High School. It was during these formative years that he developed a strong passion for sports, particularly football and rugby, which nurtured his love for physical activity, self-improvement, and teamwork.

After completing his baccalaureate, Prince Jérôme pursued brief studies in international relations, recognizing the significance of global affairs and the need for a deep understanding of international relations. However, it was his profound attachment to family tradition and military heritage that ultimately shaped his career path.

Indeed, the Prince chose to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors by embracing a military career, demonstrating his dedication to his country and his respect for the values of courage, honor, and service. For over 15 exemplary years, he served with distinction in the armed forces, employing his skills, leadership, and unwavering commitment in service to the nation.

In 1995, Prince Jérôme sealed his union with Princess Eugenie, an alliance that brought joy to the ducal family. From this union, two children were born, bringing new light to the heritage of the House of Royan. Prince Georges, born in 2001, assumed the title of the 11th Duke of Royan, perpetuating the family tradition with grace and responsibility. Prince Jean, born in 2005, is also a source of pride and hope for the future of the Ducal House.

The life of Prince Jérôme took a significant turn with the untimely passing of his father in 2015. He then assumed the heavy responsibility of becoming the new holder of the title, becoming the 10th Duke of Royan. Throughout his tenure, the Prince acted with determination and compassion to improve education conditions in Europe and Africa, recognizing the crucial role of education in building a better and more egalitarian future. His progressive vision also led him to combat the various forms of discrimination prevalent in society, initiating initiatives within the nonprofit sector to promote inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities.

However, in October 2021, the Prince faced a series of medical challenges. Despite the efforts made by healthcare professionals to save him, the 10th Duke of Royan eventually succumbed to a cardiac crisis at the beginning of the following month, leaving behind profound sadness and a legacy of commitment to his family and the causes close to his heart.

The premature loss of Prince Jérôme was deeply felt by the House of Royan and all who had the privilege of knowing him and benefiting from his dedication. His memory will be etched in the annals of nobility, bearing witness to his unwavering commitment to the noble values and traditions that have shaped the greatness of the lineage of the Dukes of Royan.