Princess Philippine


Her Highness Princess Philippine Louise Marie Émilienne was born on July 12, 1974, in Paris (France). She is the only daughter of Prince Jean and Princess Anne, holding a special place within the ducal family.

From her earliest childhood, Princess Philippine developed a profound passion for art and culture, nurturing her interest in these fields from a young age. Her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge naturally led her to pursue studies in art history after completing her baccalaureate. This decision reflects her desire to deepen her understanding, explore the riches of art, and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

In the year 2000, Princess Philippine married Marc Bellemont. Together, they have built a fulfilling and happy family, joyfully welcoming the birth of four children. Léopold, Florine, Jules, and Charlie are the names of the children who have brought immense happiness to the life of Princess Philippine and her family, providing an endless source of joy and pride.

In addition to her role as a loving and devoted mother, Princess Philippine has developed a rewarding career as an editor in Luxembourg. Her talent for communication, creativity, and dedication to the world of publishing have allowed her to thrive professionally and contribute to the dissemination of culture.

Princess Philippine also holds an important position as the aunt of the current Duke of Royan, thus creating close family ties across generations. Her role as a loving aunt allows her to share special moments with her nephew.

Through her commitment to her family, her passion for art, and her successful professional career, Princess Philippine embodies the noble values and traditions of the House of Royan. Her positive influence, kindness, and dedication to her family testify to her commitment to the continuity and flourishing of her noble lineage.