Wishes for the New Year


Wishes from His Highness Prince Georges, Duke of Royan for the New Year.

In this period marked by renewal, it is with deep gratitude and a spirit resolutely turned towards the future that I send you my warm wishes for the new year, 2024.

At the start of this year, I cannot help but reflect on the challenges facing the world, and the responsibility that each of us has to contribute to a better future. Our commitment to ecology remains unwavering, because we understand that preserving our planet is essential for future generations. La Maison Ducale is committed to intensifying its efforts in the fight against climate change, promoting sustainable initiatives and encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.

Otherwise regarding the economic framework, I would like to emphasize the importance of the expansion of the Ducal Investment Plan for Africa (PDDA), an initiative which, since February 2023, aims to provide significant support for development sustainable for Africa. We firmly believe that a country's prosperity contributes to global stability, and it is in this spirit that we will intensify our efforts towards the PDDA, working hand in hand with our African partners.

The world faces major challenges, including the war in Ukraine and the unstable situation in the Middle East. Faced with these crises, the Ducal House resolutely defends the path of diplomacy. We call for peaceful solutions, negotiation and dialogue, because it is through mutual understanding that we can overcome differences and build a more stable future.

In these uncertain times, we must also tackle the other challenges that lie ahead. Whether it is persistent inequalities or emerging threats, we must demonstrate resilience and unity to overcome them.

In conclusion, I urge you to embrace the coming year with hope and determination. Together, in unity, we can forge a future that transcends borders and embraces the diversity that makes our world rich.

May the year 2024 be marked by peace, prosperity and solidarity.