Christmas card of the year 2023


His Highness the Duke of Royan is honored to announce today the reveal of the official Greetings card for the 2023 Christmas season.

This annual event holds special significance within our community, symbolizing the unity, peace and solidarity that characterize our illustrious organization. The carefully designed Greeting Card embodies the fundamental values dear to His Highness and reflects the spirit of generosity that animates the Ducal House.

The creation of this map, the result of an artistic collaboration, celebrates cultural richness and diversity. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to convey messages of kindness and optimism, thus breathing a breath of joy and hope into every home.

His Highness the Duke of Royan sends his warmest wishes to the entire population, as well as to our international friends and partners. May this festive period be full of celebration, sharing and precious moments in the company of your loved ones.

Maison Ducale expresses its gratitude to all those who contributed to the creation of this exceptional work and undertakes to continue its commitment to the well-being and development of our institution.