Appointment of Mr. Julien DELAGNY


The Ducal Team is pleased to announce a new chapter in its commitment to cultural affairs. On this day, Mr. Julien DELAGNY joins our team as Advisor to the Duke of Royan on cultural affairs. His experience, dedication to culture, and vision promise to strengthen our commitment to the arts and the preservation of our rich cultural heritage.

Mr. Julien DELAGNY will bring with him valuable expertise, a background in the field of arts and local culture, as well as an unwavering passion for promoting cultural development within our organization. His commitment to fostering cultural innovation and encouraging local artistic initiatives will make him an invaluable asset to our team.

However, with the arrival of Mr. Julien DELAGNY, we also announce the departure of Mrs. Sophia ENGELIN, our previous Advisor for Cultural Affairs, who served with distinction under the former Duke of Royan, Prince Jérôme, and our current Duke, Prince George. Sophia has been a pillar of our team, demonstrating exceptional dedication to promoting arts and culture within our organization.

Mrs. Sophia ENGELIN has decided to pursue her career within the French administration, where we are convinced that she will continue to bring her passion and expertise to the service of culture and art.
We warmly thank Mrs. Sophia ENGELIN for her years of dedicated service and her exceptional contributions to the promotion of culture.