Birthday of the Dowager Duchess Eugenie


The ducal family are delighted to celebrate a special event today, as Princess Eugenie, Dowager Duchess, reaches the milestone of 50 years. Princess Eugenie, beloved mother of Prince Georges IV, the 21-year-old current Duke of Royan, and Prince Jean, 17-year-old Hereditary Duke, was honored in an intimate ceremony surrounded by her loved ones.

Born on March 28, 1973, Princess Eugenie is a respected and loved figure within the ducal family and the Duke's office. Her role as a mother, but also as an active member in many philanthropic causes, marked the spirits and earned the admiration of many people.

The milestone event was celebrated with an intimate family gathering. The ceremony, full of joy and affection, was an opportunity for the ducal family to pay tribute to Princess Eugenie and to show their love and gratitude for all that she has brought.

Prince Georges IV, Duke of Royan, expressed his deep gratitude to his mother. He praised her wisdom, dedication and constant support in her ducal role. Prince Jean also expressed his love and admiration for his mother, highlighting her positive influence in his life and upbringing.

Princess Eugenie, humbled and grateful, thanked her family for their support and affection throughout these years. She expressed her pride in being the mother of two exceptional young princes.

The celebration was marked by moments of joy, laughter and precious memories shared. The ducal family exchanged symbolic gifts to commemorate this special day and took time to reminisce about the defining moments in Princess Eugenie's life.