Ducal visit to Belgium


On this Saturday, an aura of solemnity and opportunity accompanied the trip of His Highness the Duke of Royan, to Belgium. This journey, extending over three days, is distinguished by its dual vocation: to honor the memory of the late Prince Jérôme, respected and missed father of the Duke, and to explore the artisanal and agricultural riches of Belgium.

The predominant element of this trip lies in the deep desire of the Duke of Royan to pay his respects at the grave of his late father. Prince Jérôme, who died two years ago, found his eternal rest at the Caveau Ducal, in Belgium, a sacred place where dynastic and family heritage resides. For His Highness, this pilgrimage takes on an intimate and emotional meaning, illuminating the depth of the ties that unite the ducal family.

However, this transcendent visit is not only dedicated to filial homage. The Duke of Royan also aspires to discover and celebrate Belgian know-how, by meeting local artisans and farmers. This desire demonstrates its commitment to the promotion of traditional arts and sustainable agriculture, a vision which is part of a dynamic of preserving cultural heritage and encouraging environmentally friendly practices.

His Highness's agenda includes scheduled meetings with renowned artisans, such as master chocolatiers, textile artisans, and goldsmiths. Likewise, visits to renowned farms are planned, where the Duke will be able to interact with local producers and discover the innovative and traditional methods which contribute to the reputation of Belgian local products. A gala evening will take place this Saturday evening.

This journey is not limited to a simple formal representation, but embodies the essence of a personal and societal quest, between memory and discovery, respect and innovation. His Highness the Duke of Royan, through his approach, reaffirms the importance of family heritage while being part of a contemporary approach focused on the preservation of yesteryear's trades and sustainable development.

This journey to Belgium by the Duke of Royan thus emerges as a significant chapter, combining history, tradition and progress, in a story where the past and the present combine harmoniously to build a lasting future respectful of ancestral values.