End of mission for Mr. Moses HAABWA


His Highness Prince Georges IV wishes to officially announce the end of the mission of Mr. Moses HAABWA as Ambassador of the Duke of Royan in Uganda.

Mr. Moses HAABWA has served with dedication during his tenure as Ambassador, representing the interests of the Duke and the ducal office in diplomatic relations with Uganda. His unwavering commitment and remarkable contribution were greatly appreciated.

However, after careful consideration and in accordance with the interests and objectives of the diplomacy of the Duke of Royan, Prince Georges took the decision to put an end to the diplomatic mission of Mr. Moses HAABWA.

The Duke of Royan expresses his sincere gratitude to Mr. Moses HAABWA for his services rendered as Ambassador. His dedication, expertise and commitment have been valuable assets for the promotion of ducal interests abroad.

The Duke of Royan wishes Mr. Moses HAABWA a prosperous and successful future.

A new ambassador will be appointed in the coming days.