Second marriage of Princess Eugenie


The Ducal House officially announces that H.H. Prince Georges IV, Duke of Royan, takes note of the desire expressed by his mother, the Dowager Duchess, H.H. Princess Eugenie, to enter into a new marriage with Mr. Philip Evans. Two years have passed since the death of the late Prince Jérôme, missed by all. 

Due to this personal choice, it is confirmed that, in accordance with current traditions, H.H. Princess Eugenie will lose her predicate, her title and her prerogatives linked to her status after her remarriage. 

The wedding of H.H. Princess Eugenie and Mr. Philip Evans is scheduled for 14 September next year. This event will be celebrated with the solemnity and respect worthy of the values dear to the Ducal House. 

The Ducal House expresses its best wishes for happiness to H.H. Princess Eugenie and Mr. Philip Evans for this new stage in their lives.