Visit to the Ducal Archives


For those who have registered, we are honored to invite you to an exceptional event which will be held eight days from today. Prepare for an interesting experience as we prepare to open the doors of the Ducal Archives, a treasure trove of history and culture.

Eight days before the event, the excitement is palpable. As organizer, we look forward to welcoming you to this place full of majesty and historical richness. The Ducal Archives are full of precious documents and artifacts that bear witness to the past.

During this visit, you will have the rare opportunity to delve into the heart of ducal and European history. Our guides, Nicolas and Sylvie, will lead you through corridors adorned with the history of kings and queens, court intrigues and legendary exploits. You will discover hidden treasures and captivating stories. 

To fully enjoy this experience, we encourage you to prepare. Equip yourself with your curiosity, your sense of exploration and your desire to discover our rich heritage. Make sure you are ready for this immersion in the fascinating history of the Ducal Archives. A leaflet has been sent to the address you provided to us, if this is not the case please complete the contact form.

We await you with enthusiasm !