Prince André

Duke of Royan from 1946 to 1983


His Highness Prince André Arthur Germain Philippe Marie was born on June 12, 1914 in Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). He is the second child of the ducal couple, Their Highnesses Prince Arthur and Princess Anne-Marie de Beauregard.

During World War I, the ducal family took refuge in the Netherlands, just a day before the German invasion of Luxembourg. His father, Prince Arthur, then Duke of Royan for a year, is the only one not to return to the Netherlands since he must do his duty by fighting under the French colors. Princess Anne-Marie and her children returned to Luxembourg and then to France in 1919.

On May 14, 1938, Prince André married Princess Delphine du Bois (1917-2018). But the Second World War broke out in 1939, the Prince was then called up and mobilized as an officer in the infantry. At the end of May 1940, he was taken prisoner in the Dunkirk pocket and was one of the volunteers who defended and protected from the enemy the Allied re-embarkation in England by the English troops and part of the French army.

Incarcerated in an oflag, he was released with special authorization from the German authorities in March 1943 and joined France still under Nazi occupation.

The couple then became parents of four children : Princess Amélie (1943), Princess Marie (1943), Princess Rosalie (1945) and Prince Jean.

In 1946, Prince André became Duke of Royan following the death of his father. Five years later, he took part in the new bilateral relationship between the Federal Republic of Germany and France. This diplomatic mission enabled the Prince to meet personally on numerous occasions with the President of the French Republic at the time, Mr. Vincent Auriol. After having been able to participate in numerous diplomatic missions of France and Luxembourg abroad, Prince André retired from public life in the 1970s to make way for his son, Prince Jean, while retaining his title.

The Duke of Royan died on July 19, 1983 in Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).