Prince Louis II

Duke of Royan from 1866 to 1913


His Highness Prince Louis II was born on November 29, 1836 in Belgium, he is the first child of the ducal couple, Their Highnesses Prince Germain (1801-1866) and Princess Louise-Caroline (1812-1901).

From 1860, he enlisted in the French Navy. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, he took part in the brief combat between the Aviso Bouvet and the Prussian ship Meteor which took place off Havana. The Duke is slightly injured and later returns to Europe.

The Prince married Princess Charlotte-Émilie Angéline de Limbourg on January 24, 1879. The couple had four children : Prince Charles (1880-1883), Prince Arthur, Princess Anne-Catherine (1885-1985) and Princess Anastasie (1887-1971).

The Household of Royan was naturalized in Luxembourg in 1895 by the Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg.

Accused of infidelity by his wife, the couple separated at the beginning of 1899. The Duke then left to settle in England, abandoning his prerogatives to his son, he would never see his wife and children again. It is by a telegram from the British Royal Family that the Ducal House will learn of the death of the Duke of Royan.

It was in England that Prince Louis exhaled his last breath on May 1, 1913, at the age of 76. His death marks the end of a life marked by ups and downs, achievements and challenges, leaving a complex legacy and a feeling of sadness within the Maison de Royan.